Playjournal, a place for video contests ( Whaddya think?


Video game clips are huge on Youtube, and a lot of big Youtubers make “top 5 plays” videos for various games. They collect emails from their subscribers and weed through them to find the best 5 clips. They combine the clips into their own video to comment over and post. It’s just a contest. So I thought “why not make the process of running a video contest easy?”

Playjournal ( lets users submit Youtube clips and vote on each other’s clips. That way, there’s no need for the guy running the contest to spend hours weeding through emails: the rating system helps all the best content find its way to the top. Also, this way pretty much everybody gets feedback, instead of sending an email to someone and never knowing where you stand because you don’t make it into the top 5.

What do you guys think? Cool? Unnecessary? I see some other uses for a format like this, like for short film contests, or poetry slams, or anything like that. I still have some building to do.