Playwright anyone?

I’ve heard only good things about Playwright but never seen anything on this forum. We’ve used Cypress for years and whilst it works, we’ve wasted so much time investigating failed tests than in the end just turn out to be issues with Cypress. This article has me considering a switch. Anyone else try it out?


It sounds like it could be a no-brainer. There is also a new tool called Webdriver (No, it’s not Selenium) that may be worth considering

We’ve migrated a few projects from Puppeteer, and it works like a charm. I never liked Cypress’s API and how hard it is to type it. Sure, it may be easier for non-programmers, but getting help from programmers is also harder.

We also sometimes use CodeceptJS, which stays somewhere between. In our case, it’s a wrapper for Playwright, so there’s always an option to do a test or two with Playwright-native operations if needed.

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Playwright has been added to meteor-browser-tests since v1.4: