Please add a search feature for Meteor Documentation

I’m just trying to find more information about

and I searched the entire documentation but couldn’t find it.

A search would have helped! Please and thank you!

Just go the docs site, make sure your cursor focus is anywhere on the page, and start typing - the search will come up.

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I would still like to see versioned documentation… I’m still on with no access to online documentation. All other framework documentation seem to have versioning from what I’ve seen.

Actually, the full docs site is included with the Meteor source (for each version), and is a runnable Meteor app. For example, to run the docs locally for

  1. git clone
  2. cd meteor; git checkout release/METEOR@
  3. cd docs
  4. meteor

Then you’ll have the docs running locally at the usual http://localhost:3000.


Also, if you go to and Ctrl-F for “Blaze.render” it’s the first result that shows up.

I’m probably responsible for a lot of flaws in the docs site, but redoing it isn’t quite a priority right now. That’s actually one of the motivators of the Meteor Guide project - pulling out all of the surrounding text from the docs, so we can turn it into an efficient API browser instead.


Thank you guys, also on the left their is a drop down for full API, the basic documentation has no reference to blaze.render!

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