Please guide me for new project

I want to start new mobile project with meteor, until now I used this tools:
blaze and spacebars

But now meteoric was discontinue, anywhere talk about react.js and says that blaze going to die in near future and furthermore ironRouter and autoForm not working in react.

My question is: Which technology you recommend for my new project?
If react is UI future of meteor what about router and form generation?

Search the forums. Tl:dr; React is the recommended way forward.

We have a large-ish project built with Meteor, React and MongoDB. The golden path. Check it out:

We’re working towards a release, but I keep a forum thread updated with progress. I would recommend you follow this github repo, and you will surely find useful info. Note that we shy away from tools such as IronRouter, AutoForm, SimpleSchema, and Collection2. Opting instead for FlowRouter and Astronomy for a more cohesive approach.


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What exactly do you want to write? It’s hard to recommend something that will be ultimate solution for each case.

@brajt I want to write messanger application with meteor.