[PLEASE HELP] How to pass to a route a string entered by a previous input?

Hello everyone!

I have a doubt, what happens is that I have a search engine in a template that sends a string of characters, which corresponds to a field called id_investigador. This string is stored and sent to another template with a dynamic path, such as: Router.route (’/results/:id_investigador’, {bla bla bla …});

What I want is that when I redirect to the route /results/ xxx
This xxx is the id_investigador that I entered earlier, and DO NOT show the _id of the document inside the collection, but actually show the id_investigador.

For example, if the searcher enters ABCDEFG, the path is /results/ABCDEFG and not /results/4LqB9DXthBYytbpWr.

It is understood?

I leave the application code below. Thank you very much to all.

  'submit form': function(e) {

    var busqueda = {
      id_investigador: $(e.target).find('[name="id_investigador"]').val()

    var errors = validateBusqueda(busqueda);

    if (errors.id_investigador)
      return Session.set('BusquedaError', errors);

    Meteor.call('BusquedaInsert', busqueda, function(error, result) {
      if (error)
        return throwError(error.reason);

      Router.go('results', {id_investigador: result.id_investigador});

Meteor.publish('busquedas', function(id) {
  check(id, String)
  return Busquedas.find(id);
Router.route('/results/:id_investigador', {
   name: 'results',
   waitOn: function() {
     return Meteor.subscribe('busquedas', this.params.id_investigador);
   data: function() {
     return Busquedas.findOne(this.params.id_investigador);
  BusquedaInsert: function(busquedaAttributes) {
    check(this.userId, String);
    check(busquedaAttributes, {
      id_investigador: String

    var errors = validateBusqueda(busquedaAttributes);
    if (errors.id_investigador)
      throw new Meteor.Error('invalid-', "You must set a title and URL for your search");

    var user = Meteor.user();
    var busqueda = _.extend(busquedaAttributes, {
      userId: user._id,
      author: user.username,
      submitted: new Date()

    var id_busqueda = Busquedas.insert(busqueda);

    return {
      id_investigador: id_busqueda