Please help me implement compass in my project (Paid help)

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to implement compass/sass in my project but I’m failing.

It’s a small open source project about the sharing economy that I’m doing for my university, I’m stuck and I have to deliver this paper soon so I definetly need some help.

I’m trying to port a commercial theme which uses compass/sass. The theme is called spotter on theme forest.

I managed to install a scss package, and I managed to add the compass scss files, but there’s an @import ‘compass/support’ that I can’t solve.

How can I solve this dependency? I’m just too noob to do this alone.

I’m willing to pay someone to help me with this.

Is there anything stopping you from using bourbon over compass? Compass currently has some issues due to some limitations of libsass… I used to use compass from the CLI with my projects, but found that I could use bourbon which provided me with everything I was using from compass, but was available in meteor packages instead.

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1 meteor add fourseven:scss
2 meteor add francocatena:compass
3 create file client/stylesheets/style.scss with content (for example)

@import "compass";
body {
  @include background-image(radial-gradient(45px 45px, cyan 10px, dodgerblue 30px));

4 thats all

5 create file in project root scss.json

  "includePaths": [
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