PLEASE HELP! Meteor.loginwithpassword not working on iOS device

I’m building a mobile app for iOS and I’m trying to use the accounts-password package. I’m running Meteor.loginwithpassword but it will not work. I’ve also tried to create a user using Accounts.createUser() and I still cannot get it to work.

It does work in the simulator and the browser. Just not on iOS. I also created a barebones project with the accounts-password package and the accounts-ui package and add the {{> loginButtons}} template.

Again, it worked on the simulator and the browser but doesn’t show up on iOS. Can someone create the barebones app with accounts-password, accounts-ui and {{> loginButton}} and test it on an iOS device to see if this happening on all iOS devices?

I am actually quite desperate.


Did you get this to work, I seem to have a simular problem.

I created a new project and added packages

  • accounts-password
  • accounts-ui-unstyled

Then i did
meteor install-sdk ios
meteor add-platform ios

Then i edited projectname.html and inserted {{> loginButtons }}

When I browse http://localhost:3000 the login works fine, but if i run it in the iOS simulator the loginbutton never appears.

I learned that your meteor app must be connected to a server in order for accounts to works. So when you do ‘meteor run ios device’ at the end you must append the server. So ‘meteor run ios-device --mobile-server’ <- The url could also be the IP address of your computer with the :3000 port behind it (or whatever port your meteor app is running on).

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I’ve got the same issue on Android (can’t try with IOS). Also working on desktop for me.
I manage the deployment with pm2-meteor so I don’t need to run the last command you posted. Any ideas?