Please help with a really, really weird issue with meteor and isotope


This is a really weird issue, and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.
Both me and the package author @jorisroling are stumped.

All the details are in this github issue:

Here’s a short summary:

Trying to update or insert any documents in any of the collections that are subscribed to, causes a newly created item to not show in the masonry until another item is added.

We would really appreciate any and all help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

You have a reactive join, in which comments are derived from articles?

It seems to me you need to have 2 observers here.

When you add that comment do you see it in minimongo?

Hi Abhiaiyer,

Many thanks for responding.

I have tried without reactive joins, but the problem still persists.

Even if I turn on autopub in MeteorToys, effectively publishing the whole database, the issue still occurs.

I cannot even begin to guess what might be causing it.

As a startup, we can’t afford much, but we would sure donate a few beers to anyone who can help us solve this.

Thanks again.