Please improve Apollo homepage

The homepage looks too dead. It looks too much like a corporate marketing page for a bad product.

Some great things you could add to the homepage:

A link to here (Apollo discussion forum)
A link to some some case studies, testimonials
A link to some kind of roadmap
A link comparing Apollo to other technologies like Relay
A link to some compelling videos about Apollo
Some code samples (like Relay and GraphQL sites)

I imagine that you’re trying to appeal probably to managers and CTOs, etc. but it’s not very compelling for anyone who actually knows any technology (who I imagine is the people you actually want to try Apollo).

Just wanted to provide the friendly reminder that Apollo is very much still in its preview phase and its infancy. I am sure the dev. team would be happy to merge any PRs to the existing homepage repository, if you get the chance to make some of those improvements! :slight_smile:


We’re working on a new site now!

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