Please recommend a Javascript Framework for mobile applications integrated well with Meteor.js

I found javascript frameworks that their performance is similar as native apps as React Native, NativeScript, Tabris.js, and Titanium for mobile applications.
Currently, I am studying Meteor.js as a newbie, and I want to pick one of them to develop mobile apps with Meteor.js, but it is hard to choose… Which one will be the best ?
Please recommend a javascript framework integrated well with Meteor.js and having low learning curve. I seek advice. Thank you.

Actually, I was looking at Meteoric to integrate meteor with ionic… however are you aware that meteor builds to iOS and Android out of the box??? As I understand it (i’m a newbie too), meteor interfaces with cordova and we just got push notification going in a day, pretty awesome!
We just spent a week doing a prototype and built some native apps for our iPhone, MotoX and samsung phones and it went without a glitch!
But I’m also interested in hearing about other frameworks that work with meteor to build native apps and how it compares to what meteor does with cordova.