Please solve these longstanding npm issues

These are the three issues that probably drive people nuts when they encounter them:

  1. [feature] A way to specify how to resolve modules (fix for duplicate modules), like Webpack. · Issue #11030 · meteor/meteor · GitHub
  2. Meteor package system not following Node module resolution algorithm · Issue #12004 · meteor/meteor · GitHub
  3. [BUG] [2.5.6] import of npm library gives empty object · Issue #11900 · meteor/meteor · GitHub (there has been work on this, and I’m not sure the new error is the same problem, but the reproduction still crashes)

Number 1 and 2 make developing with linked packages (linked from outside the application) extremely difficult. The main problem is that, if linked packages contain duplicates of a package that exports a singleton API, things break when the APIs cross-interact.

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