Please upgrade Bulletproof Meteor


Hi Arunoda,

First of all I wanted to commend you how well you have done the BulletProof Meteor course. I finished Discover Meteor a few months ago, and have exhausted countless blogs and articles and StackOverflow since then, and this course is definitely what I need to take my 3-months-in-development application to the next level. I am auditing everything with Kadira and your course and tuning performance this next week as I go through the full course.

That being said, with 1.2 about to drop, the maybe-soon-eminent demise of IronRouter as the preferred routing choice in the community, and with some updates you have made to Kadira… I feel that the course is a little on the old side and is not reflecting some of the current practices. I feel that I can “work around” some of these issues, and you probably know these things already, but I really hope you replace some of the content and add some new topics to the course.

Please read this with pride, you created a great resource. If there is anything that I or the community can do to help maintain the course, I for one would volunteer to point out things that need updating.

I posted this here, because I fancied that other community members might join in with me, and to offer my praise of the course publicly.

Tim Johnson


Yes. Thanks for posting this.

I’ll update the course for 1.2.
I hope there won’t be any major changes, but I get what you are referring too.

Adding something new is a good idea. Yep, we will do it.(some Mongo atomic related lessons).
Now, we can use Kadira Debug for cases where we use Kadira in the lessons.
So, that’ll be fast and easy to complete lessons.
(New Kadira Debug have tracing support and some other cool features.)

Looking forward forward to have these on mid september.


It would also be awesome if you’d finish the “Load and Stress Testing”-chapter.


Did you guys end up updating Bulletproof Meteor for 1.2? I’m definitely looking to level up my Meteor skills but I’m hesitant to jump into BPM with all the recent changes that have happened.

Sorry if this was already announced somewhere else. I looked on the site and at the kadira blog for an announcement but didn’t find anything


We didn’t specifically since we don’t any lessons related to Meteor 1.2 changes. We still need to do some lessons.