Plugin for Code in Posts?


I’m no discourse expert, and I did a bit of (unfruitful) googling, so forgive me if this sounds unreasonable.

Is there a plugin we (the forums) could leverage to suggest code formatting in posts? Kind of how when the app detects you may be writing about a similar topic and you see those topics on the right hand side. If you are putting in code, and it’s not formatted with backticks, etc., then maybe a helper pops up?

It’s a bit frustrating replying to each new forum member with “Please wrap your code in backticks”.

Just a thought! :slight_smile:


To my knowledge there is not such plugin. But it would be a good fit here.

Meteor have the ability to run any custom plugin they want so if this is built we can install it here. Trouble is that the heuristics for detecting “code block is there” are fiendishly hard to get perfect.