Pnotify/Jquery package compatibility - NPM error when trying to import

Wondering if anyone on here has gotten pnotify to work; I am getting the following error (on the server, when building) when trying to use the npm package:

import pnotify from 'pnotify';

Error: jQuery requires a window with a document
 at module.exports (...\node_modules\jquery\dist\jquery.js:31:12)
 at s (...\node_modules\pnotify\dist\pnotify.js:6:386)

I’m guessing it has to do with the jquery dependency?

`-- pnotify@3.2.0
  `-- jquery@3.2.1

I am using BlazeLayout if it makes a difference…

I have been able to use it with packages, but would still like to understand this because I’m planning to import many other jquery dependent frontend npm packages.

Any ideas?