Point another domain to Meteor app

Hi guys,

I deployed a Meteor app by mup at a main domain MAIN_ONE.com. Of course, everything works fine.

Now I wanna point another domain like SECOND_ONE.com to that main one.

I did try to add A record and CNAME record to the MAIN_ONE's server IP address, but it didn’t work. I got the 503 error of Nginx. So I guess I’ve to config nginx too? Or is there any way that I can point the second domain to the main domain without touching anything on the main server/meteor app?

BTW, 1 more question: Where’s exactly the location of Nginx’s config file after deploying meteor with mup?

Thanks for your helps

It should not really be a problem. Can you show your mup.js?

I think maybe you misunderstood me. Well… my case is:

I’ve agency clients, who wanna use my web application with their own domain. So I’m trying to test by pointing a domain to the main domain that I’m using for my web app.

Thanks for helps!