Poor Galaxy Signup Experience

Hi all,

Hopefully someone from Galaxy sees this, or someone can point me to where is the best place to post feedback or correct me if I am completely wrong.

I’ve been trying all day to signup for Galaxy hosting and I’ve been getting a myriad of problems using both my credit card and Paypal account. The errors aren’t helpful. I got 503 errors, “unspecified errors”, endless spinner errors - the works. These things happen, but what needs improvement is the fact that as a potential customer, I had no way of getting support! There are no support links I could find, no live chat, nothing. When I did click on the “contact us” link, it said I needed to raise questions regarding Galaxy from within Galaxy - which is the problem I am trying to solve :smiley: !

I owe MDG a lot, so please take this as some friendly feedback - the absolute last place on your site that should be broken, or not intuitive or lacking support is when a customer is ready to pay. In fact, getting a hosting account was a semi-emergency as my current hosting solution is no longer fit for purpose. If anyone sees this, and can help, please let me know!

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I agree with you here. Their customer support is VERY low.

But, I understand it. They’re a small and focused team, building a next generation engine. If you’re here, messing with Meteor… you’re probably quite advanced. Sort your own shit out. Expect problems.

I ended up moving away from Galaxy all together because my app is a huge mess and wont run on small containers. But, if it could, I would move back.

@marktrang works in Galaxy team

@maxhodges I signed up about ten days ago and didn’t experience any issue like you. Maybe there was a maintenance?

Only issue I discovered, is that I was having an automatic followup mail (from @marktrang) asking me to finish the (in the past) not completed signup. But that was done in the meantime, so I just ignored it.

Maybe somebody from MDG can comment my guess on “maintenance”.


according to http://status.meteor.com there have been no issues.

Thanks, but the issue seems that it was related to whatever 3rd party payment service that was being used (Recurly??). That seems to be where the errors where originating from, in fact I am pretty sure as when you try to pay with Paypal, it opens up a new window to a Recurly URL before redirecting to Paypal.

Worrying though that no one from MDG has commented or tried to assist me. Unfortunately, I have decided against switching to Galaxy at this time as I wanted to move away from my current solution to spend less time administering our App, but this doesn’t seem like it would be the case here. I will probably try again some other time, but just don’t have the time right now to be playing with this.

Please email support@meteor.com and our support engineers will help you!

Here’s another data point:

I’ve been a paying member for Galaxy for about a year now. In that time, I’ve requested support three times (using the support link within the drop-down menu at the top left corner of the page once you login to Galaxy).

Each time, I’ve received a response in less than 12 hours, and each time, my issue was resolved satisfactorily within a day or two, well within my needed time frame.

At the end of the day, the biggest issue I’ve had with Galaxy support has been remembering where to look for the support link!