Poor html error throwing

Im not sure in which version it appeard, now im on 1.8.
I older versions when there was some syntax error in html it was catched on build level, so in my console i was able to see whats wrong. Now i noticed that in case of such sytax error i see everything ok in builder on client when template is loaded i see error like :

    Uncaught Error: Cannot find module './upsell.html'
    at makeMissingError (modules-runtime.js:232)
    at Module.require (modules-runtime.js:251)
    at Module.moduleLink [as link] (modules.js:344)
    at upsell.js (app.js:2784)
    at fileEvaluate (modules-runtime.js:346)
    at Module.require (modules-runtime.js:248)
    at Module.moduleLink [as link] (modules.js:344)
    at index.js (app.js:2773)
    at fileEvaluate (modules-runtime.js:346)
    at Module.require (modules-runtime.js:248)

Which gives nothing usefull and you have to go through whole html file lookig for what is wrong. Do you observe thing like this?

Are you using Blaze?

I just made an HTML error (mistyped </div>) and got a build error:

=> Errors prevented startup:

   While processing files with templating-compiler (for target web.browser):
   client/main.html:13: Expected "div" end tag
   ...c.counter}}     </iv>   {{/each}}

=> Your application has errors. Waiting for file change.

Yes im using Blaze, thats so strange it works different way for both of us. What version do you use ? I have

That’s the version I’m using.


I recently started having this problem on a version of Meteor I have been using for a long time.

Did you find a way to get the builds to flag errors again?

I recently updated my package lists to the latest versions available, but I do not understand how that could be an issue…

I did notice that it only happens for templates inside packages…