Possibility fo HMR in Meteor?

Since https://github.com/gadicc/meteor-hmr is deprecated - is there any way to use react hot loader with Meteor?
Or the only solution would be to sidestep Meteor build tool and switch to Webpack?


I’m looking for this answer too :slight_smile: Let’s wait for some replies! I don’t know anything.

I was analyzing https://github.com/qualialabs/reval to see if it was worth to extend to React but I don’t think so, it was not working for me with methods and stuff.

I think the best way would be to take over maintenance of https://github.com/gadicc/meteor-hmr and update it to support latest M version. If somebody has the time, that is.

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Any news on this? I’d love to see HMR in Meteor.

@bluray At least on small projects I was able to see this one working

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