Possible to deploy a Win 10 app

I see lots of blogs on how to create android and ios apps from my meteor app. Can I create a win10 compatible app that can use the camera on a Surface 4 tablet (or equivalent)?

Anybody have experience doing this?

Whenever I try to google this topic I get links to "how to install meteor on Win 10… not helpful.

Well, there is one way to do this, however, it’s not a “real” app as you understand it - because it will need an online connection.


Basically, you’re creating a webview inside a Win10 app which then calls the website. The main difference between doing this and simply calling the website through a browser is that you are allowed to use the full WinJS API on the website.

You merely need to check for the availability of the WinJS-API like explained here:

Maybe not what you were looking for. I myself am using it to update an business-internal Win10-App easily - I could either update several laptops and desktops every time I change something.

Or I could simply push the change to the webserver. Then again, this is most definitely not something which will work in an offline scenario.

I guess running groundb and appcache for offline use are out of the question then?

That’s really what I would like.


As I said, it’s merely a webview with injected WinJS-API. It might be possible with HTML5 features but I haven’t tried it.

Have you considered writing it as a Chrome App? Apparently you can launch an app that installs and runs sort of independent from the browser and behaves like a native Windows app. They have some API’s that allow you to access different things that the browser can’t.
Google evens has a starter kit that uses Polymer components for material design.
See more about it here: https://developer.chrome.com/apps/about_apps