Possible to update Mongo on dev machine?


I’m hoping to update the version of Mongo running on my dev machine to match that which is running on my server.

Currently running an app in Meteor 1.3, deployment done via mupx to a self hosted linux server.
The version of mongo running in the docker instance on the server is 3.2 and supports (among other things) the $lookup operator in the aggregation operation. Locally, mongo is running at version 2.8 which doesn’t understand the $lookup operator.

So code using $lookup will work when run on the server, but I can’t test locally.

I’d prefer not to update my version of Meteor, but maybe someone can point me to a guide that will help the transition if that is necessary.


You can set up a mongo instance on your dev machine and just point your meteor app to it using MONGO_URL, but I will say that it teaches you how spoiled we are.

Having a persisted mongo db for each meteor app and spinning up mongo automatically is really nice. Testing out 3.4 features on a local mongo instance was not that much fun, though certainly doable.

Meteor definitely allows you to forget about your environment for a bit.