[Possible?]User signs up on a site, sets a few fields. Load script and retrieve fields on random website

Hi guys, I’m thinking of doing a little side project. It’s fairly simple but I am not sure if this should be done with meteor.

I want to build a super basic site where users can sign up and set a few fields.

Then I want to have a script easily embedable by anyone via a script tag. If a user who signed up visits that site with the script tag I want to be able to retrieve the stuff the user set in his profile.

I’m guessing this is possible (just gotta remove all packages not needed for low size?) but this would probably conflict with other meteor sites?

Please note the user would need to be indefinitely authenticated even if they don’t revisit the site where they signed up (since they’d only set their profile once 99% of the time)

If I had to implement this, I would use Meteor for the app that sets the fields, and the simple:rest package for what the embeddable script fetches. In order to stay logged in indefinitely, you could create a secret token which could be inlined in the script (not ideal from a security perspective, though). If you’d rather not do that, you could put the token in a cookie, but then your rest package would need control over headers. I’m not sure if simple:rest gives you that, so you might have to use a more complete rest package for Meteor.