Post 1.3 what will be the correct way to create a package for meteor?

What will be the correct way to create a package for post 1.3 meteor?

Same as always
Npm packages
Meteor package using imports, and exported as a module (is this possible, any examples?)

NPM modules and Packages are not “yet” 100% on a level playing field for, instance packages get the benefit of being able to hook in to the meteor build system which can be especially useful… That said i’d be aggressively trying to follow the NPM module approach for anything new.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

To me the biggest advantage of meteor is packages that can communicate between client and server. Modules are great, but not worth it to me if that mean’s creating NPM packages as well.

Am I missing something with regard’s to why there seems to be more people creating NPM packages now? It seems like the value of NPM at the moment is the amount of packages that exist in it, not in creating new NPM packages.

I think being able to hook into the build system is huge as well.

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My hunch is that it will be Meteor 1.5 or 1.6 before NPM is really able to replace what the Atmosphere server is currently providing.

You may well be right, I do however hope its much sooner… Not that i have any issues with Atmosphere/Packages at all, but I think its better for the community as a whole to have one standard approach and having it aligned with the rest of the JS community has to be good for everyone.

What I fear more than anything is that we end up with a period of compatibility issues where some packages and some modules work while others don’t I think MDG are on top of this which is why (i think) its a slow moving transition for the project (relatively).

Until MDG says stop using atmosphere, I plan to continue using Meteor packages for anything directly tied to Meteor and only use NPM modules for generic stuff that applies to anything.

I like the Meteor package system and like having a place to go search for Meteor specific stuff.

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There is a section in this for modules in meteor packages.

Guess that pretty much answers my question. Modules + Meteor Packages.