Post your Meteor Success stories on Hacker News Article


At the moment there is this Hacker News article in which anti-Meteor FUD is being spread. It is mostly the result of ignorance or people believing limitations that existed 3 years ago are still present in Meteor, e.g. old Node versions, an inability to easily incorporate NPM packages.

To everyone:

If Meteor has been a positive force in your business or life, please share your experiences in the comments section of the above Hacker News articles, or to at least respond to misinformation that has been posted.

I’ve written some replies to a few people. A few more words from people in the community here would really help.

To the MDG - I like your work, but you really need to pick up your game when it comes to PR and Meteor evangelism. Your financial success depends on this.



Done - more submissions to that post would help a lot, people. It will appear top of google search

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