Post your open source projects that need migration to 3.0!

Hey community!

I was thinking about a way to share our migration efforts or have some reference projects to work on together.

I think we will all benefit from having a list of open source Meteor projects (full apps, if possible) that we can clone and try to migrate.

I think the best outcome will be with small projects as they have a scope that is much better to manage, especially if we are not really into the project and it’s code.

If you have any ideas or links, please share here :slightly_smiling_face:


I think the most obvious ones are the official examples: GitHub - meteor/examples: Project examples with Meteor

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Hey! I will finish migrating the Simple Tasks project today or tomorrow.

The chakra-ui example was migrated a few days ago:

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Hi, i’m currently migrating my project

GitHub - jbl2024/latelier: L'atelier, a project management tool (project management kanban like wekan/trello)

here is my pending PR: Feature/prepare migration to meteor 3 by jbl2024 · Pull Request #158 · jbl2024/latelier · GitHub

I have migrated all my code and i’m facing (small) issues with these dependencies:

By the way i have created a gpt to help me refactor my code:
I have uploaded the v3 migration guide inside and added some instructions. Not always accurate but quite pratical for refactoring large functions :slight_smile:


SimpleTasks was updated to Meteor 3.0 alpha.

PR: Migrate to Meteor 3.0-alpha by fredmaiaarantes · Pull Request #10 · fredmaiaarantes/simpletasks · GitHub
Repository: GitHub - fredmaiaarantes/simpletasks: Simple Tasks with Meteor 3.0 + Chakra UI + RHF + MongoDB
Demo on Galaxy:


Nice !

For WeKan, trying to upgrade to Meteor 3 at this branch:

WeKan also uses Meteor-Files. Currently I’m trying to code migrations from CollectionFS to Meteor-Files, so that attachments would stay visible when upgrading Snap to newest WeKan, and trying to fix other attachment related issues.

Progress is detailed at this issue: Upgrade to Meteor 3.0 alpha 18 · Issue #5142 · wekan/wekan · GitHub


Hi, sounds a good idea, I will start the migration for my Meteor + Vue app once the first beta is published since I’m waiting for an update to the Meteor.callAsync method where returns the promise instead of using the callback to receive the response.

The stack is:

  • Meteor 2.13.3
  • Vue 3
  • Vite 4
  • Vuetify 3
  • Pinia
  • TypeScript
  • MongoDB 6

This is the repo: GitHub - diavrank/theory-swe: Application which includes theoretical concepts about Software Engineering

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