Practicalmeteor:mocha displays lines of code instead of assertion errors


Somehow my mocha tests show in watch mode only the lines of the code but no assertions anymore. I could not find information on configurations about to force it to show me the assertion output.

Consider the following image:

This is across all my tests (server and client) and it makes me crazy because I obviously don’t know where exactly my test fails.

Someone experienced this, too and maybe found a fix for it?


What version of Meteor are you on? Consider moving to


Thank you for the link. I am running on Meteor 1.5.2. Unfortunately it does not work when loading localhost:3000 in the browser (Safari). The server tests are executed and shown on the command line.

The browser console shows:

The package has been added to my meteor packages list and the test command is

TEST_WATCH=1 meteor test --driver-package meteortesting:mocha


By the way I found the answer to my initial question.

The default web reporter for mocha uses a css class name for divs that contain errors, that is called .error and it got conflicted with a css definition of a package that (face palm) states:

.error {
    display: none;

Messed up the web reporter totally…