Preloading in Blaze templates


I’m trying to implement preloading in Blaze. I have the following template structure:

<template name="items">
    <div id="prevItem" style="display: none">
        {{> slide data=prevItem}}

    <div id="actItem">
        {{> slide data=actItem}}

    <div id="nextItem" style="display: none">
        {{> slide data=nextItem}}

<template name="item">
    {{#if $eq data.type "type1"}}
        {{> type1}}
    {{else if $eq data.type "type2"}}
        {{> type2 slide=data}}

If I load an iframe for example in #prevItem, and then I switch forward, I want to let the user see the content without recomputing the template. Now I switch between these with ReactiveDict elements, but it isn’t working as expected, because however the content is cached after it is downloaded in the background, still there is a little delay because of recompution. I’m also using PDF.js, which is drawing a HTML5 canvas as output, that means it is slow. I want to preload these in the background, and switch between them using as little jQuery as possible. Is there any way to do it without turning it to jQuery spaghetti? Thank you!