Prerender on Galaxy Without Blaze & jQuery

I’m looking to use the a prerender lib on Galaxy, however the MDG recommended mdg:seo uses dferber:prerender which has a hard dependency on Templating which is in turn bringing in Blaze & jQuery into the client side of my app. This is a major unnecessary bloat bundle sizes. Really hoping there is a fix or alternative.

Have you seen this post:


I didn’t. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

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Does this work with galaxy’s included account ? How can we now the prerender token ?
@stolinski ? Found your answer ?

Answer from Galaxy support : " I don’t believe that will be possible; you won’t be able to combine prerender-node with Galaxy’s prerender included account."

I followed robfallows post and added the npm version of prerender.

with Galaxy’s prerender included account ?

I don’t think the Meteor package has anything todo with Galaxy’s support, but I could be wrong.

I don’t understand. Do you use prerender-node with your own prerenderio account or with galaxy’s included one ?