Prerender service - Galaxy hosting

Hey guys, I’m just trying the galaxy hosting service with our application.

Our application needs a prerender service for SEO purposes. I understand the galaxy includes prerender service for free.

I installed the package mdg:seo and deployed my app successfully on galaxy but when I tried the

the body HTML is empty.

I also add the line window.prerenderReady = false; on the startup client side.

Does anyone know any additional steps needed for the prerender service works?

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I am not sure as I use it outside of Galaxy, but shouldn’t you register on that provides the service ?

Works well for me. And free for quite a large number of pages. AFAIK it’s the service Galaxy is using.

I’m using prerender service outside of Galaxy in the production app deployed on Heroku and works ok.

I want to move my app to galaxy to avoid paying prerender service. In the docs I understand is not necessary to register on (docs:

Ok, sorry for my misunderstanding. Then I guess you should contact Galaxy to ask them on how to avoid the cost.