Prevent browser reload when updating meteor app


When I deploy a new version of my app, any client that is using it gets a forced reload, this is a problem when users are in the middle of typing or doing something. Is there a way to control when/how this reload happens?


You can try this:
I’ve not tried yet btw :joy:


There is, but it only seems to work for Cordova applications. Not sure why it is bundled that way, because it looks like the same technique could be used in browsers. Take a peak at because it could give some clues as to how you could do it.

Wondering if it makes sense to submit a PR to provide this behaviour in the browser.

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We are using this in our cordova apps but I remember this also working in the web version of our app


Found a fork of reload-on-resume that enables it in the browser… it’s old, but gives some clues:

Found and that provide a better API and more features.