Prevent subscription from republishing changes


I’m using angular with meteor, and would like to prevent a subscription from being republished when the database changes. I’m publishing just a single document in my publish function. When I save it I do NOT want the saved copy to be republished and synced with the client. Why? Because I modify the version on the client slightly, on load and before save, such that the versions on the client and the server need to remain separate. Is there any way to prevent a publish function from watching the database, so that it functions more like a method, and only runs once? (Note, I don’t want to use a method, because these are not optimized for use with angular).

Meteor.publish("whatever", function () {
  result = Something.findOne();
  return this.ready();

Thanks Shock!

While waiting for an answer I just rewrote my front-end code so that it’s no longer an issue, so I haven’t tested it. I may use it later though, or maybe somebody else will see this post and be helped. Thanks for your help.

Try this package
It does what you need. It uses a method call internally, but it is masked and your workflow is the same as writing a publication and subscribing to it.