Pricing out MongoDB Upgrade Project

Hello! I am interested in potentially pricing out some work. We have a Meteor 2.3.5 application using Mongo 2.6. We are looking to either upgrade MongoDB or possibly remove it entirely in favor of FerretDB, so we can move to newer Meteor versions. The challenge being that this software is shipped to non-technical end users, so this needs to happen in a robust, recoverable automatic migration process.

Hi @ocdtrekkie, and welcome to the forums!

We (Vazco) can definitely help you out with that! However, we’ll need a bit more information about your project such as the size and complexity of the database, and any potential quirks that may need to be resolved before the upgrade. With that information, we can estimate and get started on the task.

Please drop us a line at, and we will follow up.

Good Day.

We are a Meteor Partner company and would love to study your application and then provide you with a proposal. Could you please DM me the web URL or you can contact me using Contact Us for Technical Assistance | Salesforce, Mobile App, and Web App Development