Private beta invite - BoardX

Hello, BoardX is a smart digital whiteboard that tries to bring AI to the visual collaboration process and augment teams creativity and performance. And it is built with Meteor. We are in private beta now and are looking for beta users.

this is a quick demo:

if you are interested, this is the invitation link:



Interesting - I’m happy to play with it
Where do you want feedback?

Thanks Mikkel! this is my email: Looking forward to your feedback.

This looks awesome @usam! Would you be interested in being featured on our social media pages? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Kevin, Sure! Hope you and the Meteor team could give a try too, :wink:


Be good to take a look at this, never seen proof of Artificial Intelligence or the need for it. But fibreglass hammers do exist, so why not right?

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AI is evolving fast in many ways. How to work/learn with AI to get our job done faster and better is a challenge to everyone. BoardX is trying to lower the barrier, and we are just at the beginning, please give it a try and let us know what you think. Thanks.

Yes, i agree, AI is still very limited, it is not going to replace our creativity. what we are trying to do is to bring AI to help us do better. I still have no idea what is the full potential from AI… We are exploring all the AI capabilities from different companies, and try to bring it to the collaboration and innovation process, it is a learning process.

This is the page of BoardX in Linkedin, we will keep sharing progress. welcome to follow us and give us comments and feedback. thanks.

Good that you are open to discussion, it becomes rarer and rarer these days. Ultimately I believe in the free market and the very essence of that is supply and demand.

Here we have a total mystery because where is the demand? I don’t know any end user that likes or wants AI. The first thing we do is turn off Siri. I have literally never seen anyone but a few guys wives who cannot type due to their nails using Siri.

There is no speed in it, I can type quicker then it and it’s not enjoyable to use. Speech to text for writing sms now it can understand accents and rural dialect is getting more useful but I’d never ever let a computer think for me.

In terms of machine learning and so forth, there is a space for it in studying physics and frame design and stress points etc. You can probably do something cool with it, but do you really need to? When we build helicopters we do stress test and fracture testing etc by putting stress on a component for thousands and thousand of iterations to see what would happen. Thing is this is the same principle as the 80s, no software or ‘AI’ can improve on it. But the design part maybe.

In your application, as far as I understand it is a forum. How on earth can a artificial intelligence be of use to a place of discussion - I can think of one way, to ensure freedom of speech is respected and our constitutional rights are always protected…

So million dollar question: Are you going to be the guy that does that with your software or you going to do the opposite? Because it seems that the trend here is too whittle away, and selectively erode the rights that our ancestors fought, and died to ensure so that we can now have this wonderful world we live in.

This plays out on the main stage right now with Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, you see how they fall apart now because they love to enforce rules, but don’t like to enforce justice. That’s what happens to weak minds when they get excessive power; they become drunk on it.

I will be highly surprised if my post stays up and have little faith it will, because the exact same issue I am referring to dogs this very board here and there in lies the rub my friend. Who is watching the watchers eh it’s all subjective. We are now offended easily and just talking our mind is instantly censored. I am censored all the time and I never said a curse word or was rude in anyway. I’m sure my ancestors would be so proud.

Thank you for your thoughts and taking the time to respond to the topic. I completely agree with you that open discussion is important and getting rarer these days.

I agree with you that most people don’t actually like using Siri or AI in general. Like myself, I use an iPhone but I don’t use Siri at all.

The AI is evolving fast - from BoardX, we are not the people creating the AI but we are trying to create a user interface to better consume the power of AI, which should be better than Siri or Alexa, in many different use cases.

There are some potential use cases for AI that I find fascinating. For example, I recently interviewed someone who works in community safety. I used the BoardX AI to help me brainstorm 30 questions for the interview as a starting point. Some of the questions were helpful and led to interesting discussion. I wouldn’t have thought of them myself, and it saved me time in the preparation process - this is something we could do in BoardX now.

Another example is a meeting I had with three other people. I used AI to transcribe the meeting and to summarise the key points and actions. This saved me a lot of time in writing the meeting minutes and sharing them with the other members who were not in the meeting. This feature is not finished yet on BoardX but we are creating a working prototype for it.

I think there are many potential applications for AI that could make our lives better, just like for people who can’t use their hands to type - now they can use their voice to type. And yes, there are concerns on the legal and ethical side, but we need different voices and to avoid the bad applications of AI. I am more optimistic, and I think it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

Welcome man, thanks for talking and being open to real discussion.

I think what you are describing with the transcribing is interface, and not AI. It simply turns audio wave to text. Doesn’t need AI for this beyond machine learning nuances in accents. It doesn’t ‘think’ on the go. It doesn’t need to learn. So it’s just a script ultimately.

I’d love to see the questions from your first claim though, I’ve never in my life seen actual proof of a useful AI so that does sound like a kind of ‘out of this world’ claim and obviously I’m dubious to it. Especially as you have a active interest in promoting it.

Who laughs last laughs hardest, you got funding and that’s where the actual intelligence came in :+1:

Quick demo for you, truedon, :handshake: