Private package repository

Is private package repository similar to that npmjs offers is available or planned in Galaxy or Atmosphere?

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Hi Volodymyr! I haven’t seen such possibility on Atmosphere.
Do you have need to store private packages ?

btw, are you from Ukraine ?

Look at this small package

And I don’t know whether Volodymyr from Ukraine, but I’m definitely from Ukraine (-:
Volodymyr sounds like ukrainian (-:

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I’m struggling to understand. It seems useful module.
I meant something more native to atmospherejs, for instance keep private packages on atmospherejs.

Is there something ?

You could check out this: Stratosphere - private package server

Alternatively, AFAIK, the closest you can currently get to this is to make use of the PACKAGES_DIR environment variable and include one or more NFS mapped file systems in the list of paths if this is to be shared within a network of developers.


Yes, by way of an eventual transition to NPM, which should allow you to use npm Inc’s private modules feature. (I talked about the NPM transition in my Meteor Night roadmap talk last week.)


At this point, stratosphere is fully functioning (all API calls) for Meteor 1.2. You’d still want to run it behind a firewall, since package synchronization isn’t possible to secure without changes to meteor tool. Package authoring is fully secured though. I haven’t looked if it needs changes to support Meteor 1.3.

That being said, I wrote stratosphere out of need, and I rather build consumer products than infrastructure stuff ;). So, I do hope stratosphere can be replaced by private NPM in the future. But for now, it’s probably the only private Meteor package server.


@striletskyy @none Yes, I am from Kyiv, I guess Ukrainian meteor community is destined to flourish with Sashko leading the way! :slightly_smiling:

Maybe you are right that Stratosphere is becoming outdated unless you want to compete with npm offerings. Anyway, that would be not Meteor-specific story.

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For what it’s worth, when Atmosphere is retired, there will invariably be some stragglers who are still running legacy applications and will want an old style package server around. Just as people can use GitHub, but like having the option of running their own GitLab server, just in case.

Please, please position Stratosphere (or a community-edition version of Atmosphere) as a community-edition replacement for stragglers.