Probelm in jsforce


I added “meteor add strikeout:salesforce”

I have written this code in the server /main.js
var jsconn = new jsforce.Connection({
loginUrl : ‘

getting error that jsforce is not defined but when I checked browser console
it was showing data in the jsforce.


I think jsforce is only available on server, not on client


I am new in meteor .I am trying to show salesforce data on meteor .Can u please suggest how to do this


Yes, you can use Queries, see:


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: ,
I was using this jsforce and added “strikeout:salesforce” earlier and got error that" jsforce is not defined"


var jsconn = new jsforce.Connection({ 
                                            loginUrl : ''

Please correct me where I am wrong or what I am missing.


Are you having the same issue when you have that code (without ‘if(meteor.isServer)’ ) on code in your server folder?