Problem: Date Query Params on Client and post to "Meteor Method via Axios"

I prepare date query on client, and post to Meteor Method Via Axios

// Server
     return Posts.find(selector);
// Client
let selector = {
         createdDate: {
                $gte: moment('14/06/2017', 'DD/MM/YYYY').startOf('day').toDate(),
                $lte: moment('14/06/2017', 'DD/MM/YYYY').endOf('day').toDate()
 };'methods/myUrl', {selector}).then((res) => {
    }).catch((error) => {

But don’t work.
And then I tried to use selector directly on server it work fine.
Please help me.

Why are you sending selector?! Why are you not sending only dates??
And why are you usind for get operation?? And what is wrong with And for CRUD operations you need some server-side routing…,Look at Picker.

I tried to create Datatable + Paginate Component for Meteor + Vue.
So I don’t want to custom date query on server method.
All filter fields, set data type to create date query

                filterFields: [
                    {name: 'title', label: 'Title', type: String},
                    {name: 'body', label: 'Body', type: String},
                    {name: 'type', label: 'Type', type: String},
                    {name: 'private', label: 'Private', type: Boolean},
                    {name: 'rate', label: 'Rate', type: Number},
                    {name: 'createdDate', label: 'Created Date', type: Date},

I will change post -> get