Problem of spam with MailGun



I have a big problem with my domain on Mailgun.
It has been disabled because of high bounce rate.

When I see my logs, I see many spam email. But I never send this email !
For example : "Accepted: ‘Verification required’" is not me !

How it’s possible ?
What can I do ? It’s a problem with my website or my DNS ?

I use the environment variable to set the SMTP server.
How people can use my identification to send email with my domain account ?

It’s a big problem, this “robot” send 5000 emails with my account !



Did you contact MailGun about this?


Yes I do,

I put my credentials on Github… :laughing:
I reset all my credentials and remove the file from github…

It will be ok now :slight_smile:


@rlespagnol - Thanks for sharing that you did this. Developers are often quick to shy away from taking responsibility for making mistakes like this, let alone talking about them openly. This kind of openness though is exactly how we all learn, progress and become better at what we do.


@hwillson When I have a problem, I like to see other people with the same problem talk about the solution.
So I want to share my errors with other to help people.

I think sharing is the most important things in this domain :slight_smile: