Problem passing reactive props through react-meteor-data createComponent

I have a parent component with a child component.

Child component…

          <TaskList  isMaterialCoordinator={this.props.isMaterialCoordinator} filters={this.state.filters}></TaskList>

It gets filters from the parent. When filters change it should re-render the child component.

I change filters then update via setState when they change…

  handleFilterUpdate(values) {
      filters: values

The child component (TaskList), is created via createComponent from react-meteor-data like so.

export default createContainer(() => {

  return {
    tasks: Tasks.find().fetch(),
    incompleteCount: Tasks.find({ checked: { $ne: true } }).count()
}, TaskList);

My issue is that when the filters change, this child component tasklist does not get re-rendered.
If i remove the createContainer wrapper then it calls render when the filters change

I was able to solve it by not using createContainer in the child, and using it in the parent. Then passed down tasks to the child component via a prop.
So the child component became.

          <TaskList tasks={this.props.tasks} isMaterialCoordinator={this.props.isMaterialCoordinator} filters={this.state.filters}></TaskList>

I still can’t explain why my first solution didnt work though? Why would react not have triggered a child component re-render when the filters changed in the parent component?

New to meteor/react so any help would be great, as createComponent was used in the tutorial.

still have not received a response on this?
Maybe I should file a bug on github?