Problem stopping custom published method


I’m using a publish method that creates a custom cursor and observes its changes. Now, this published method is constantly being called, in order to change the filters I need to use in a very large collection, according to what the user requests.

This is my method:

Meteor.publish("filtered_vehicles_in_table", function(filters, order, start,
  rows, module, submodule, directFilters) {
  var user = null;
  if(this.userId) {
    var user = Meteor.users.findOne(this.userId);

  var self = this;

  var cursor = vehicleQueries.getVehiclesForTable(filters, order, start, rows,
    user, module, submodule, directFilters);
  var handle = cursor
      added: function(item) {
        self.added('filtered_vehicles_in_table', item._id, item);
      changed: function(item) {
        self.changed('filtered_vehicles_in_table', item._id, item);
      removed: function(item) {
        self.removed('filtered_vehicles_in_table', item._id);


  this.onStop(function() {

When i subscribe to this method, I store the handler in a local variable, and when I stop it, and then rebuild the handler with a new subscribe, it all seems to be working fine. But when I destroy the template from where I’m subscribing, and later I create it again (returning to a point in a single page application), it all starts to fail in the most strange of ways.

The first time I subscribe after re-creating the template, it all works fine. But when I stop the subscription, the client collection still has data. I’ve tested what I get after I stop() the handle (as you might have noticed, I do a console output to what the handle currently looks like after I stop it) in the publish method, and I’ve found this:

  1. Before destroying and re-creating the template, if I reset the handle (stop it and then create a new one), I this part of the handle JSON object:

    _multiplexer : {
    _handles: null

and this happens all the time, no matter how many times I stop and re-create the handle.

  1. However, after I destroy and re-create the client template, the first time I stop the handle I get something like this in the _handles property that was previously null:

    ‘32’: {
    _multiplexer: {
    _ordered: false,
    _onStop: [Function],
    _queue: [Object],
    _handles: [Circular],
    _readyFuture: [Object],
    _cache: [Object],
    _addHandleTasksScheduledButNotPerformed: 0,
    added: [Function],
    changed: [Function],
    removed: [Function],
    _observeDriver: [Object]
    _added: [Function],
    _changed: [Function],
    _removed: [Function],
    _id: 32

As if the handle had another dependent handle that can’t be stopped. I don’t know why this happens, and more importantly, I haven’t been able to find out how to override this (maybe manually stop the dependent handle).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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