Problem with HCP with bigger bundle on older iPhones


We’ve been pushing, through HCP, versions with a bundle around 7mb. Yesterday, we added s3 support but it seems we did the import incorrectly and it grew the bundle to 14mb.

Some users on some iPhones get a blank screen after the HCP.
We can reproduce on an older iphone while we cannot on a newer one so our guess is that the bundle
(the js) size is too big.

Have you ever seen such a limit or such problems?

What would you do ?



Strangely the users who get blank screen did not get all the most recent HCP since the App Store release (3 months ago).

Isn’t strange ?

Was the bundle a bit too big for them too ? but they did not have blank screen. They could continue to use the app but they did not receive the HCP…

When I build a new App package on Xcode using the latest code (the one too big), I get a blank screen as well and the console is :

2021-08-13 10:31:05.844258-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] DiskCookieStorage changing policy from 2 to 0, cookie file: file:///private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/565B1341-CBAA-4617-93A8-EB28BBC2A47D/Library/Cookies/Cookies.binarycookies
2021-08-13 10:31:05.855373-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] Apache Cordova native platform version 5.1.1 is starting.
2021-08-13 10:31:05.855550-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] Multi-tasking -> Device: YES, App: YES
2021-08-13 10:31:06.237448-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] CDVWKWebViewEngine will reload WKWebView if required on resume
2021-08-13 10:31:06.237568-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] Using WKWebView
2021-08-13 10:31:06.238043-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][console] 0.061989ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.238272-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][handleopenurl] 0.066996ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.241527-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][intentandnavigationfilter] 3.118992ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.242101-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][gesturehandler] 0.090003ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.243955-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][statusbar] 1.743913ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.250061-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] BLACKLIST - blacklistedVersions: []
2021-08-13 10:31:06.250194-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] BLACKLIST - versionsToRetry: []
2021-08-13 10:31:06.257605-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] Serving asset bundle version: 0911bc674ecaf440914f6a29c93e221b45948283
[INFO] GCDWebServer started on port 12480 and reachable at http://localhost:12480/
2021-08-13 10:31:06.260670-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][webapplocalserver] 16.610980ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.261374-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][diagnostic] 0.522017ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.262995-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][diagnostic_location] 1.541018ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.263169-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][diagnostic_wifi] 0.077009ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.263384-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][diagnostic_camera] 0.040054ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.263599-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][diagnostic_notifications] 0.059009ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.263696-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] [CDVTimer][TotalPluginStartup] 25.788069ms
2021-08-13 10:31:06.422270-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] WF: === Starting WebFilter logging for process hoptimize
2021-08-13 10:31:06.422328-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] WF: _userSettingsForUser mobile: {
    filterBlacklist =     (
    filterWhitelist =     (
    restrictWeb = 1;
    useContentFilter = 0;
    useContentFilterOverrides = 0;
    whitelistEnabled = 0;
2021-08-13 10:31:06.422371-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] WF: _WebFilterIsActive returning: NO
2021-08-13 10:31:06.436420-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] active
2021-08-13 10:31:08.175953-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] App startup confirmed
2021-08-13 10:31:36.441454-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] Could not signal service 113: Could not find specified service
2021-08-13 10:31:36.446078-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] Could not signal service 113: Could not find specified service
2021-08-13 10:31:36.447091-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] Could not signal service 113: Could not find specified service
2021-08-13 10:31:36.449394-0400 hoptimize[523:13242] Could not signal service 113: Could not find specified service

Ok we removed the AWS S3 libraries and it fixed the problem. The bundle was just too big.

Does anybody know the size limit ?

When I opened the web version (non-cordova) in Safari it worked on the same device so it seems either to be a Cordova limitation or a webview limitation.