Problem with import using 1.3-modules-beta.3

I have a problem with importing modules and created a small testapp to demonstrate.
The (client-only) app has 4 files, structured like this:



export let x1 = 1;


import {x1} from './x1.jsx'
export let x2 = x1 + 1;


import {x1} from './x1.jsx'
export let x3 = x1 + 2;


// import {x2} from './imports/x2'
import {x3} from './imports/x3.jsx'

console.log('x3: ' + x3);

When running like this it produces:
Uncaught Error: Cannot find module './x1.jsx'

If I uncomment the first line in main.js (the x2-import), everything is ok:
x3: 3

I don’t see why the x1 module cannot be found and how importing un unused variable {x2} can make the problem disappear…?
You can find the testapp here if you want to check it out.

// import {x2} from './imports/x2'

you should change it to import {x2} from './imports/x2.js

I don’t think so. You do not need to specify the extension .js when importing from a .js-file. (see explanation here).
Actually, I should not have to import {x2} at all in main.js since I am not using it there.
Maybe @benjamn could shed some light on this?

This should be fixed in the latest beta!

See this comment.

Anyone using React with this?

It seems I just can’t get the ReactMeteorData working.

import ReactMeteorData from ‘meteor/react-meteor-data’;

My getMeteorData() runs a subscripting but is undefined…

Any clues?

Yes, all is fine now. Thanks!