Problem with login

We’re on Meteor and recently we’ve been having issues with users not being able to login. This is only happening in production and I’ve never seen it happen locally.

After doing some checks with the Meteor Chrome extension I see that the user is able to login server side and the server sends the token back to the client. The problem is that the client does not put this information in localstorage and running Accounts.loggingIn() in the Chrome console returns true forever.

Upon clicking log in the buttons just go gray and stay gray.

This package hasn’t been updated in 2 years however.

Anyone have any idea what is going on or how to fix

I have had exactly the same issue, also in production. The user cannot log in. I tried to fix this by removing all login tokens for the user in the DB, but it did not work.

Finally I had to restart the meteor instance and this solved the issue… it has happened to a few users but unfortunately I have no permanent fix.

Hopefully somebody has an actual solution…

Did either of you have a mongo primary failover when this happened? Thats the only time I’ve ever seen this

To be honest that is the one thing I didn`t check that day. Obviously it was a bit of a rush to try and get it fixed. If it ever occurs again, I will check to see if my primary failover occured on the day.

This may also be related:

It exhibitted very similar behaviour, and back when we experienced these problems we weren’t able to log them ( as it happens in a deferral)