Problem with Meteor 1.3, Cordova and accounts-facebook

Hi, I have an app that was running on Meteor 1.2 using accounts-facebook and it seemed to be working. I tried to update it to 1.3 and now attempting to log in to Facebook produces the error message "Not logged in. You are not logged in. Please login and try again."
Any help or nudges in the right direction is appreciated!

I’ve tried adding the bundle identifier to the facebook app, and adding the facebook settings to the .plist file.

I’ve also reproduced it in another app. These are the steps:

meteor create facebook-test
cd facebook-test
meteor add accounts-facebook
meteor add accounts-ui
meteor add-platform ios
Add {{> loginButtons}} to client/main.html
meteor run ios-device
Accessed localhost:3000 via browser
Configured facebook login with App ID, App Secret and Login Style: Pop-up
Started ios device simulator on xcode
*Tried to log in, got error message: Not Logged In: You are not logged in. Please login and try again *

My facebook app settings:
App Domains: localhost
Website -> Site URL: http://localhost/
Filled out iOS Bundle ID
Valid OAuth redirect URIs: http://localhost and http://localhost/callback

Thanks for any help!

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I confirm this problem with exactly the same error message begins to occur after migrating from Meteor 1.2 to Meteor 1.3. I haven’t found a solution yet.

Did you guys find a solution to this issue in the end?

I am also looking for a solution to this, thinking of opening an issue on github.

This is really frustrating. Happens on both Android an iOS. On the web it works.

Tried all these different packages already:

  • accounts-facebook
  • trinisofttechnologies:accounts-facebook
  • btafel:accounts-facebook
  • particle4dev:cordova-fb

I think this is a configuration problem on the Facebook app settings, but I can’t pinpoint it.

I have on the Facebook app settings:

  • Added Facebook Login under Products. Set Valid OAuth redirect URIs.
  • Under settings, added Android and iOS platform (for Cordova plugins).
  • For Android platform set package name and key hashes.
  • For iOS platform set Bundle ID.

Not sure what else to try.

Just a thought: the new Cordova requires you to whitelist what URLs are accessible from the Cordova app. Otherwise, it will not open them. This is some kind of security measure. Perhaps you need to whitelist Facebook in order to load it?

I opened a github issue some a couple months ago about this. I could not find a fix and never got a reply on the issue tracker.

I am about to start a new project and absolutely need Facebook for this one. But if I can not find a solution I will have to switch to react native or something. Which sucks because I love meteor and it’s my preferred dev platform.

Have had exactly the same problem… for some builds, then it went away. I pushed to the app stores.

Was trying to fix another problem in my app that I could not work around with only with hot code push for my Android users (because hot code push seems to suck for Android) .

And this problem came back. It’s really frustrating how facebook can come up with so terrible error messages. All my Android users can’t connect to my app anymore (facebook login is our main login) and I have no clue how to fix it.

I thought it was because my builds where not in production (–stupid me–), so I pushed a beta version to prod. I can’t revert to older builds even if no deep changes have been made because of this stupid play store version stuff that I did know about, and rebuilding my past project configuration with new app version numbers can’t make it work again.

I am pretty pissed off. I think it has something to do with the hashes and the platform configuration. I thought I had it right because it worked at some point, but the documentation on this topic for cordova is so poor it’s hard to understand it well.

I’ll take any clues on this :blush: or I guess I can just say fuck your stupid android app facebook login to my client. haha. hahahaha. I wish.

Sorry for previous useless grind :slight_smile:

Found an interesting thing.

During development, you should pass the local network public IP of your computer to the valid redirect URIs to make fb login work… Something such as

Hope it helps

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I’ll try that out later, and see if that fixes my issue.