Problem with publish/subscribe in React

Hello I have this problem and maybe you can help.
I have a collection who comes from a different database as the others, and I created the collection like

const db2 = new MongoInternals.RemoteCollectionDriver(...);
const JtiJobs = new Meteor.Collection('jobs',{ _driver: db2,  _suppressSameNameError: true } )

then I wrote my publication as

Meteor.publish("JtiJobs", function(args) {
  return JtiJobs.find(args);

Until this point everything works great, I can get all the data I want on the backend without any problems, but I wrote a component to show that data on the frontend and I used the withTracker HOC as I’m using react

export default withTracker({
  getMeteorData () {
    const handlerJob = Meteor.subscribe('JtiJobs', {_id: "QNdRnbR2YFkf62eq3"})
    const userId = Meteor.userId();
    return {
      currentUser: Meteor.user(),
      listLoading: !handlerJob.ready(),
      jobs: JtiJobs.find({}).fetch(),
  pure: true,

When accessing the listLoading prop it works as expected it says true for a moment and then it loads and says false, but the data never loads in
Maybe I’m missing something but I followed every tutorial I could find and I don’t see where I’m wrong.
Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Where is your Oplog for db2? I think that is necessary for reactivity.

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@paulishca thanks for your answer, the second database is also used on a different meteor app and has set up a Redis replica for Oplog, but indeed I didn’t configure anything on this application for the Oplog of that second database.
How should I do it?
I know how to configure the Oplog at the application level but never configured it for a individual database

I will have to leave this to someone who’s done this before. I personally don’t think you can be reactive with two different DBs based on Oplogs.
I hope not to mislead here… You could look into observers which is basically the link I shared with you earlier or here: ([Solved] Meteor observe not working properly in 1.6) or since you use the Mongo Driver, perhaps directly Mongo tech like If not too critical I’d go with polling. Another way is to keep a “trigger” on your main DB if you need to update based on Inserts. Example:

I save all teams and team members in a “secondary” DB.
In my main DB I keep a collection of the number of team members in a team. (When I write a team member to a team in DB2 I also increment the counter in DB1.) I subscribe to DB1 (for which I use the Oplog). In React, with a useEffect() dependent on the counter, I pull data if the counter changes. I never observe/subscribe data sets. In most cases for Insert/Remove records it is so much cheaper to observe counters in counters collections. In case of Updates of documents it is a different story :).