Problems creating a project on Windows 7: Assertion failed! Error Message


I like to try out meteor, but I didn’t come far. Please check following screenshot

Would be thankful for some help. After I restart my computer I can execute one single “meteor” command. All following commands display above error. Therefore I’m not able to create a project :sweat:

Thanks for your help


Do you have the MS Build Tools installed? Check out the guide

Thanks for your hint. Unfortunatly the installation did not solve the problem.
I’m running Windows 7 64Bit, Node v6.1.0 and downloaded the latest meteor 1.4 release yesterday.

Are there any other requirements which must be considered for working with meteor?

Meteor comes with its own version of node. I am not on Windows, so I don’t know if the standard windows CMD is actually supported …

Thank you jamgold. FYI Unfortunalty I was not able to solve this issue, therefore I was not able to test meteor and can not use it in future projects. (I also tried to execute meteor commands with powershell, but the same error message was displayed.)

Did you get a fix to this issue? I got the same error while using any of the meteor command from windows 10 home edition CMD.