Problems w/ password reset when using accounts-ui-unstyled

Hello everyone!

I’m pretty new to Meteor and have been going through little exercises here and there, trying to familiarize myself with its ins and outs.

I recently set out to create a login/registration module equipped with a password reset by email (which I hooked into my Mandrill account). What I found was that when using the accounts-ui-unstyled package, the reset password email sent to me didn’t render the reset password form on the page—I was just taken back to the login/register form.

However, when I would use accounts-ui, the reset password form would appear and work perfectly. There was no other difference in my code base besides the addition of accounts-ui.

Does anyone have any insight as to why accounts-ui lets you visit the reset password form, but accounts-ui-unstyled doesn’t?

Thanks in advance for any insight and assistance!