Problems wit meteor - unable to resolve some modules

I am working on a new project (copying stuff from a project made with 1.3) and when I run the app (locally) it says:
Unable to resolve some modules:
“matches-selector” and “query”.

If I install them it asks to install “canvas”.
Then, it continues asking for canvas. Anyone has an idea of why this is happening?

I am using React.

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Having exact same issue right now without react.

EDIT I’ve found that clipboard npm dependency causes this error. Gotta try to find a workaround.

Here’s it’s dependency tree:

├─┬ clipboard@1.5.12
│ ├─┬ good-listener@1.1.8
│ │ └─┬ delegate@3.0.2
│ │   └─┬ component-closest@1.0.1
│ │     └─┬ component-matches-selector@0.1.6
│ │       └── component-query@0.0.3

I found the same thing. clipboard.js is the one causing the problems.

Try meteor npm install --save

I did that before. The problem is with the dependencies rsercano mentioned.
It seems to work by replacing the clipboard package with the react-copy-to-clipboard one.