Problems with loginButtons and google oauth

I’ve been trying to use the loginButtons component with google, i’ve
done all the configuration, however, on some computers, authentification
works while it does not on others.
My code seems to have nothing special, I’m just doing <li>{{> loginButtons}}</li>
and it works on some computers.
I’ve tried to use directly a g-signin2 button but it’s not working
either. And when i’m copy pasting my code to an html page with a lampp
server, things seem to work.

Has anybody had the same problem as me?
If you want some information like the code or a screen of my developper
console, do not hesitate, but the awkward thing is that it works with
some computers/smartphones while with some others it does not.

Thank you very much for reading me!

Image of the connexion failng, the popup just shows nothing