Process for a Cloned Meteor project?


I can’t seem to figure out the process for cloning a github Meteor project and getting it running locally with identical settings. My process is as follows: I’ve installed meteor and verified it works with the “click me” app. I then clone the existing meteor project from git (a coworker is working on). I cd into my git directory that I just cloned. I then do “meteor create .” which is what I thought I’m supposed to use via other posts online. I get an error after trying “meteor create .”: “You can’t create a Meteor project inside another Meteor project.”

What is the process I should take? Should I instead create a meteor project using “meteor create SameNameAsGitRepo” then copy and paste all the files? Or some other process?


Because it’s already created. All you need to do is meteor run or if it’s a 1.3 version, meteor npm install then meteor run.


This worked, thanks!