Processing '.less' files with multiple source handlers?


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What are you trying to accomplish?


I want to create an alternative version of my stylesheets (namely, right-to-left)

For now, my solution is running a process that watches .meteor/local built css file and does its magic outside the Meteor build chain. there are 2 disadvantages to that:

  1. the output file is not part of the build, but a file that is placed in /public instead
  2. it’s not an integral part of the build, which is an extra nuisance for the developer


What process are you using to create the alternate version? Curious what the tools are out there for this.


presently, I just run a js script (node) which goes through the compiled css and inverts directional properties/values (e.g. left: 3px becomes right: 3px, border: 1px 2px 3px 4px becomes border: 1px 4px 3px 2px)

it’s a very simple, dumb solution, but surely does the work for now.


If I understood the thread correctly, this is part of this proposal David Glasser and I are working on:

Make a source handler handle the result of another source handler?

within the context of the proposal, I’m in need of a post-processor file handler for the compiled css file