Production build time (less than 2 minutes)

Hey, I’m here today to share some improvements that we did at Quave in our app build times.

We are using our own Cloud ( to build and deploy our apps and we were able to speed up our build process a lot by using zCloud and also by implementing some caching in our Docker build.

It’s impressive that for small Meteor apps the build is taking less than 2 minutes.

I wrote a thread on Twitter about it today and I’ll expand on it a little bit here. The two apps are Lemeno and CodeFTW (check links on Twitter).

Lemeno is a social media aggregator and it does a lot of stuff so I would say it’s a mid-size app.

CodeFTW is a learning platform that I would consider a small app.

CodeFTW is building in less than 2 minutes and Lemeno is building in 4 minutes (see screenshots below).

The total deploy time is build time + 2 minutes as they have more than 1 container running and the deploy process waits for all the old containers to be done to consider them deployed.

BTW, we are not doing crazy secret stuff here, just regular Docker and Meteor usage. You can check the Dockerfile in the deploy page (there is a button there to “See Dockerfile content” but we detect the Meteor version automatically and set up the Dockerfile for you, so you don’t need to worry about it, but you can see, change, customize if you prefer).

What leads to these build times are the Docker layers that we are caching so consecutive builds are really fast. Even building from scratch is not much longer but the best way to know your numbers is by running in zCloud.

If you want to give a try we can set up a staging environment for you for free in zCloud, including your MongoDB & Redis (we also have dbs, backups and all included), just schedule a Demo with me in this link. You can do alone as well but if we do together I’ll learn more about Meteor builds in zCloud :smiley:, so win-win.

Important: this is not going to be a sales call bs, we are going to check how fast we can build your app and hopefully it will be better than what you have today.

Many of you here already had calls with me and you know that I hate sales talk, I like to get to know Meteor apps and discuss tech improvements that will lead results to the business.

See you in the demo.

Note: I’m exposing these two apps as they are public and you can try to understand their sizes by navigating on it. Also they are our own apps (quave) so we can talk freely about these numbers in public :slight_smile:.

Lemeno (~4 mins)

CodeFTW (~1 mins)